Limiting, Limited Time Offers

Some people have asked me how they could get their website to display a one-time offer which, if someone were to return to the page would no longer be valid. So, basically if a person visits the special offer page and does not buy the first time and tries to return to the page later the offer will not appear again .

If you wanted to do this it would require some sort of script that would track the ip address of the user or something to that effect. The only place I can think of to get this would be a company called HotScripts. They may or may not have this particular script, but they may be able to point you in the right direction.

I personally, do not use scripts. What I do instead is say something like “this offer will only be available for a limited time, so hurry on over and pick up yours today”. I won’t say if you don’t order it now, you will never be able to get it. I just try to use words to create that sense of urgency that will hopefully cause people to act fast.

Usually I use my one-time offer to up-sell, where they’ll be able to get something else while they’re ordering, but I don’t have the offer go away because in reality, the majority of the time, if somebody comes in once and doesn’t buy, the likelihood of them coming back is not going to be as high. If they do return, then I just let them get it. I don’t have any problem with that.

A lot of times, especially if you are trying to sell a high value item, you also have to give the reader a chance to think it through to see if what you are offering is actually something that they need. High pressure sells does not work because it increases the amount of returns when customers realize after ordering that maybe it isn’t something they want. This creates more work for you.

Always try to be as open and as upfront as possible with your customers and this will build their confidence in you as well as your credibility in the industry.

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