“Direct mail postcards: A million dollar idea.”

Direct response marketing techniques have been around for decades and for good reason. They work, plain and simple. How can you use direct mail postcards to earn money? Keep reading to find out. Million Dollar Idea: “Direct mail postcards”.This is not a new concept, but is still extremely effective. You can use this direct response […]

“Blog your way to financial freedom”

Searching for another idea that can kick start your Internet business profits? Million Dollar Idea: “Blogging”What is the one major problem of Blogs for most people? Many people don’t post enough content on their Blog to make it worthwhile. Imagine a concept where your Blog content writes itself for you so you don’t have to […]

“The two minute online website pitch”

All ideas are important, but if they are not implemented then they are meaningless. When you attend seminars and learn more about Internet businesses you have to participate. Your co-attendees are idea generators and teammates that you can utilize. Most people don’t take advantage of this face to face networking to the fullest extent. These […]

I just had to laugh…

I was digging up some things so I could add them to my offlinenewsletter called “The Internet Marketing Dirt”. My mom founda few pictures., so I showed them to my 21 month old – Madison. Here is the pic of Jason and Matt Bacak: Well no more then 30 minutes later we foundher behind the […]

“Million Dollar Idea: The Learn Pod”

Million dollar Idea: The concept of the “Learn pod”. This is a preloaded iPod or Zen. It can be any type of media player that is preloaded. You can give the iPod away for free, but sell the content that is on the iPod. You can have a play list of all your audio content […]

“Have an Internet business? Follow this advice.”

Here’s advice that every Internet entrepreneur should follow… You have to make an investment in yourself and the business. You have to give your energy and money to the business. You should go towards your business 100%. Learn from your failures, make adjustments, and keep pressing forward. Your mindset should focus on making money and […]

“Two problems that could stop your Internet business dead in its tracks”

An Internet business is similar to a brick mortar business in that it is not all sunshine and roses. While the Internet does make starting a business and earning money a reality for many, you will still face roadblocks along the way. The good news is that there are solutions to these common Internet business […]