Merry Christmas (Free gift inside)

I wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday and Prosperous 2008! Happy Holidays! Matt Bacak P.S. Speaking of Prosperous 2008… …After you watch this action adventure trailer video and wait to the end, you can personally get trained by my good friend, Armand Morin for the NEXT MONTH – for FREE! […]

“Which works best in email: Long or short copy?”

Have you ever received an email that is 7 pages long? How long should email messages be? Do long emails or short emails work better? The answer is that your emails should be brief. Your email is just a vehicle to get the subscriber to take action. For example, your email should be to the […]

“Want to know a secret about Internet business? Here are 4!”

Secret #1: Build a belief system. You have to believe that your product will bring in at least $300 per month. Don’t start off which an expectation of a huge profit. If you do then you will most likely be disappointed when you don’t achieve this goal. Start off with a lower profit goal. Once […]

“3 Small Secrets that can make a Huge Difference”

Following are three small secrets you can use in your Internet that make a big difference. Secret #1: You want to have active hyperlinks in your emails. People are lazy. They won’t take the time to copy and paste an inactive link into their browser. You can ensure that you have provided an active link […]

“Your email deliverability rate can zap your profits!”

Do you have email that doesn’t get to the intended people on your list? Did you know that it is common to have up to 75% of your emails undeliverable? This usually occurs because your email has been blacklisted. You have to make sure that your email address is white listed by your customer list. […]

"Take the Website Down"

I just got a email from my fulfillment department telling its getting time to take down the website for the… “$1 Christmas Special” So, we are just 14 packages away from shutting down the special site were you get 3 powerful things for just $1. #1: My Best Selling *Physical* Book- “The Ultimate Lead […]

“Increase your conversion if you want to make millions”

Million Dollar Idea: “Increase your conversion if you want to make millions.”There are two ways that enable you to make more money on the Internet. #1: Increase traffic#2: Increase conversion Increasing traffic to your website is difficult because it has a language and environment all its own. For example, you have to understand the technical […]

“Want to work less and earn more money?”

Million Dollar Idea: “Residual Income” Residual income enables you to earn money without spending extra time and energy working on your business. It is the kind of money you earn while you sleep, go on vacation, and do whatever you want. Residual income affords you the financial freedom you desire. The top Internet businesses recognize […]