“Sales letters in a nutshell.”

What are sales letters?A sales letter is a sales pitch in printed form. Why are sales pages so long? It’s simple, a long sales letter works! When you write a sales letter you have to think of all the objections in advance. There may be several objections that have to be clarified. This is one […]

“Basic Elements of an Online Sales Letter – Part II”

The first seven basic elements of your sales letter include: Pre Head, Headline, deck copy, body copy, subhead, lead and rapport. Read on to find the remaining 8 basic elements of an online sales letter. 8. Credibility. Why should you listen to that person? You have to establish credibility fast and show people why you […]

“The 3 Requirements to Making Money Online”

By now you probably know that you can use the Internet to completely change your life. You can go from being broke to being a millionaire. If you are armed with the right tools and take action then you can earn piles of cash on the Internet. Advertising is expensive. The cost of advertising on […]