“The 3 Requirements to Making Money Online”

By now you probably know that you can use the Internet to completely change your life. You can go from being broke to being a millionaire. If you are armed with the right tools and take action then you can earn piles of cash on the Internet.

Advertising is expensive. The cost of advertising on the Internet increases each month. Therefore, you need to know how to get free advertising.

The three requirements to making money online include:
#1: OFFER – You have to have something to sell. If you don’t then how are you going to make money? Information products are great to sell online because they have very high profit margins. You can write the information product once and then sell it over and over. With physical products you don’t have this freedom.

Make something that solves and existing problem. People buy things they want, but not necessarily need. For example, look for games that are very popular right now. Figure out an instruction book that helps people play and beat these games. Then sell this information product for a great profit.

#2: TRAFFIC – You have to have a lot of traffic to make money online. You have to find people that are looking for your offer.

#3: ABILITY TO CONVERT TRAFFIC INTO CASH – This is a huge skill. You can become wealthy if you know how to obtain traffic and convert that traffic into cash.

You must get your prospects attention. How are you going to make any money if you don’t get their attention? The main way to do this is to be in the spots where they are already looking. If you advertise in a place that your potential audience doesn’t visit then you won’t make any money.

The key formula is…
Traffic + Conversions = Sales

If you know and act on this formula then you will make money online.

You need targeted traffic and the ability to convert that traffic.

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Matt Bacak

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