Matt Bacak’s Top 3 Sites that Should be Part of Every Article Marketing Strategy

If you’re going to drive traffic to your site using articles, you need to have a good article marketing strategy in mind.  Affiliate marketing “gurus” like to talk about what sort of articles and bio boxes should be part of your article marketing strategy, but they rarely comment on any sites other than

Don’t just use–go with and as well.

EZA is the boss of all online article directories, but it’s not the only game in town.  An effective article marketing strategy will incorporate other directories as well. and are currently the runners-up in the directory race.  Because their guidelines are not as strict, you can often get much more marketing/sales-oriented articles to stay on there–and can even see them on the first page from time to time.

Don’t forget to bookmark your newly published articles at and

You don’t have to get a ton of Diggs on your newly published content in order to gain benefit from this social bookmarking giant.  Even a single Digg can help your content get indexed in Google’s search listings more quickly.  Its bots are practically knocking down Digg’s door every hour of the day!

The same general concept goes for  To tell the truth, you’ll probably see more traffic from a stumble than from a dig.  And they will both provide you with a quicker way to get listed in Google’s index.

(You can also potentially hire out a social bookmarking service to bookmark your articles for you.  Just be careful that you don’t get too many links all at once, or it’s likely to raise red flags with the search engines.)

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