Developing an Article Marketing Strategy

Some people really do not like to write, or may not really know how to, but having an article marketing strategy in place can do wonders for your online business.  Not only can you build your reputation as an expert in your industry, you can increase traffic and create hundreds of one-way links to your website or blog.  Marketing with articles is really multi-purpose and a great way to get your message out to thousands of potential customers.

If you aren’t really sure how to write articles, it is a skill that can be learned.  Your title is key; you want to create a title that is compelling, so that people will be curious and want to read what follows it.  You should provide interesting and helpful information, particularly in the first paragraph, so that the reader will continue on with the rest of the article.  Creating a compelling author resource box is crucial as well – the more exciting it sounds, the likelier the reader is to click through to your site or blog.

A good article marketing strategy is necessary to get the most benefit from your writing.  Some people write hundreds of articles and submit them blindly here and there.  Decide exactly where you want to place them for the most targeted traffic and benefit, and create a system.

There are many good article directories out there that allow (with your permission) other web masters to use your articles on their sites, which helps spread the word and increase traffic as well.  You may want to use them on your sites or blog in order to increase valuable content, or you may want to bookmark them.  Many people even use them as messages in their autoresponder series.

Want to build your reputation quickly, while creating one way links in to your website or blog?  A good article marketing strategy can change the pulse of your online efforts.  Contact me, Matt Bacak, for more great tips!  I will lead you on a path to Internet marketing success that you never thought possible.

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