…John Reese Is Back!

Internet Marketing pioneer, John Reese, has been somewhat quiet for the past few years… And now I know why. Many marketers remember John Reese’s somewhat ‘famous’ “Traffic Secrets” launch back in 2004. You know, the one that created the “Million Dollar Day.” And most remember the huge amount of success stories that were created from […]

Dominating a Niche for a Product That’s Not Yours

If you have found a product that you know has poor marketing there is a lot you can do to make some good money. I actually was asked a question by someone who told me that they knew of a sports company with an awesome info product with a manual and videos. The best part […]

Gone fishing…

I’m somewhere in Ohio getting ready to go fishing with my dad tomorrow on lake Erie…we go every year :-) But, the reason I’m writing is because I wanted to make sure you got your FREE tickets to… …Marketing Madness! As my subscriber, you are invited to discover sought-after internet industry secrets at Marketing Madness […]