…John Reese Is Back!

Internet Marketing pioneer, John Reese,
has been somewhat quiet for the past
few years…

And now I know why.

Many marketers remember John Reese’s
somewhat ‘famous’ “Traffic Secrets”
launch back in 2004. You know, the
one that created the “Million Dollar Day.”

And most remember the huge amount of
success stories that were created from
people that got the course and put it to

Well, little did most people know that
John has been quietly testing hundreds
of ALL-NEW traffic methods and
strategies to take that original course
to another level.

He wanted to take advantage of all the
powerful opportunities of Social Media,
Video Marketing, Content Syndication,
and much, much more.

He just posted a new video that you need
to go and watch RIGHT NOW:


Aside from all the great content that he
shares just check out the VIDEO STYLE itself.

One look at this video and you’ll get a good
idea of where the future of Video Marketing
is headed.

It’s really impressive. Check it out:


Best Regards,

Matt Bacak

P.S. You can actually go and watch TWO
videos right now by visiting this link:


Frontier Marketing Intl, LLC

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