Dominating a Niche for a Product That’s Not Yours

If you have found a product that you know has poor marketing there is a lot you can do to make some good money. I actually was asked a question by someone who told me that they knew of a sports company with an awesome info product with a manual and videos. The best part of it all was that it was related to a niche of theirs. This person also knew that the product sold very, very well in its home country of Australia. But although this product had a web presence the marketing for it was extremely poor. So, this fellow did a little research and said that when he looked them up on Google under the name of the product the product was easy to find. However, if you enter other types of good, relevant keywords in their niche they weren’t even in the top 100 of Google, not in organic results or on the AdWords side. And this guy who’s researching this company is an SEO expert! So, he definitely has the upper hand here.

Basically, the idea he had was that he suggested he would act as a JV broker by hooking this company up with a well-established and respected SEO and lead generation company that he knew of. The SEO/lead generation company would boost the sport company’s web presence and drive leads, resulting in a high increase in sales. The JV broker (that being him), would get a cut of the profits that the company wouldn’t have otherwise seen, and the SEO company or rather the lead generation company, and sports company would split the profits at whatever percentages they agreed upon.

My advice?… Although this is a good idea, because you would have to do very little work – you’d only have to connect the two parties. However, I would suggest you become an affiliate and do the marketing for this product yourself. Especially since you say you are a SEO expert. You can make a ton more money working as an affiliate.

You know that you can make this company a lot of money. You can make so much more, plus the relationship with them is going to be so much greater because you’re going to be the one that actually is marketing their product and making huge sales. Now, whatever you do, don’t tell them your secret weapon. If they ask you what you’re doing, just say you have a secret weapon. You might not tell them about the SEO/lead generation company unless you absolutely have to. But use it to your advantage. You may just get a huge life-changing business proposal this way.

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Matt Bacak

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