Don’t be a fuddy-duddy…

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What are meta tags and How important are they?

First off what are meta tags? Anyone who has a site or is exploring having one has probably heard this term before. Meta tags are used in html page headers. These tags contain information about specific keywords and descriptions of a web page. The search engines rely on meta tags so that they can properly […]

Free Teleseminar this Thursday…

On Thursday night at 9:00 EST, I lined up a special guest to share with you how to write an ebook. Her name is…Connie Ragen Green She have been online since 2006, and now make a comfortable 5 figure monthly income. Everything she does is based on writing and eBooks for the internet. Thursday, […]

Let’s socialize…

The Web 2.0 buzz is getting bigger every day. Let’s socialize web 2.0 style. Here are a list of Social Networking sites that I belong to, join them and let’s start socializing online. MySpace: Facebook: Digg: If you want to be my friend on Amazon Log into your Amazon account and go […]

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Forced Continuity

For those of you that haven’t heard of the term “forced continuity” before, you may have already had some experiences with this. Forced continuity is when someone offers a free trial of something and then after the trial period is over, they automatically proceed to bill you. …. A lot of companies do this and […]

SO-o-o-o simple…..

Ok…this is happening very, VERY FAST so read every word carefully because… …This thing has me buzzing and I’ve been in top gear since I got it. Rumor has it that this could be *alien* technology. …I don’t believe that, (okay, maybe a little) but let me say this… When you try this for only […]

Happy 4th of July…

If your from the USA then Happy 4th of July. If not then just have a Happy day. Today is my 5th year wedding anniversary with the most amazing women in the world. Talking about amazing… You’ve just gotta see this. Internet Marketing pioneer, John Reese, has just released a new video. Are you interested […]