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I got you *naked* sales

Did I get your attention… I guess so because you are reading this email right now and it’s very important. But first, why did I add the word “naked”? Because, I was hoping to share with you some marketing terminology today and give you a link to something special. The word of the day is […]

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Evaluating if A Business Idea is Worth Your While

If you are looking to establish a business partnership or seeking out a business opportunity, we all know how important it is to look at how much money you are going to make. However, there are also other things that must be considered in accordance to the lifestyle you want to live. A very important […]

Traffic Secrets Update…

John Reese just released a NEW video that reveals a ‘big traffic’ secret that many of the world’s top sites don’t want others to know about — and he shows how YOU can quickly and easily start using this ‘secret’ for your own sites. ——————————— IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you had any trouble viewing the other […]

Free Press Releases or paid Press Releases?

If you haven’t already read my A9 process you should probably do that before you read this article as you’ll get a better understanding of the process and how I use press releases to garner more traffic. As you may or may not already know, I always highly recommend submitting press releases (PR) in addition […]