Forced Continuity

For those of you that haven’t heard of the term “forced continuity” before, you may have already had some experiences with this. Forced continuity is when someone offers a free trial of something and then after the trial period is over, they automatically proceed to bill you. ….

A lot of companies do this and it really is a good strategy to drum up more business. However, depending on how the offer is written, it can sometimes be very deceptive and unethical. This is why we are always advised to read the fine print and only give your billing information to a trusted source…..

While I personally have used this method before, I do highly recommend that you keep everything transparent. That is, if you attempt to create a similar offer for your list, make sure that they can clearly see that if they don’t opt-out they will be billed. Always, remind them that it is a free trial…..

In the interest of transparency, another really good way to do this is to not take any billing information upfront and then after the trial period is over, try to get them to become paying customers. This is called “optional continuity”. By doing it this way, you may actually get more people to take the trial offer, but the downside is it may be tougher to close them…..

Remember, when you are making an offer to someone it is usually to enhance their lives, so in effect you are doing them a service because it will ultimately help them. However, selling something to someone without their knowledge will only leave you with bitter customers. You will do them a further disservice by not being able to offer them good products in the future because they will no longer trust you.
So, forced continuity can be a very good thing if done properly. Just think about and be careful how you word things. You want to gain the trust of your potential customers and customers as well as maintain your reputation.

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