What are meta tags and How important are they?

First off what are meta tags? Anyone who has a site or is exploring having one has probably heard this term before. Meta tags are used in html page headers. These tags contain information about specific keywords and descriptions of a web page. The search engines rely on meta tags so that they can properly […]

“FAQ’s about Autoresponders – Part Two”

Still have questions about Autoresponders? Following are another set of frequently asked questions about Autoresponders. These answers may help you solve a problem or fine tune the way you use Autoresponders. Autoresponder Question: Here’s my situation. I am changing the way I create my website so that I now use FrontPage. The Question is – […]

“Top Spot on Google? You can grab it!”

What search engine do you think is the most popular search engine today? Is it MSN, Yahoo, or Google? If you answered “Google” then you are correct. Google is the search engine that millions of Internet users turn to everyday. People use Google to find information that answers their question or problem. Let’s say that […]

“Help! What should my press release be about?”

You know that sending out press releases for your Internet business website is a great idea. The press releases will increase your ranking in Google. Potential customers will be able to find you and your website more easily as your website is ranked at the top of Google. They will click on your link and […]