…Joint Venture Opportunity for you!


Inside scoop for you:

Stefanie Hartman who has helped others make millions
in their business has CALLED IN FAVORS. She is such a
caring lady, she realized that she has access to tons of
top gurus and they will pick up her call, and not only
that but they will give her Joint Venture Opportunities
that they don’t give just anyone.

While she appreciates that and has worked hard
to earn that space, she also knows how life-changing
and rare it would be if new or ambitious Entrepreneurs
could get the same treatment.

So she called in favors and created ‘The JV
with your Dream Guru’ Contest/Reality Game.

Here’s how it works:

When you join this summer, you will get a fre-e (4-6 week)
‘JV All the Way to the Bank’ course on how to Joint Venture
Successfully. She was going to sell this for $1200 but
decided she wants all her members to have experience, since
you’ll be rubbing shoulders with celebrities.

During the class you get to work with her
directly to identify your match, create a JV
proposal to the business/guru of your choice.

To make it even dead-easier she privately picked
the brains of the very people you will be proposing
too and asked them outright what they are looking
for – so you have an incredible advantage.

Whether you win or not, you will get the inside
scoop on how to propose future JV deals with ANY
of these guys. That is worth BIG time money.

One person (could be you) will be granted to work
with EACH participating guru/business. These famous
names are offering tons of opportunities such as speak
at your event for no fee, bring you to speak on their
massive stages, co-create products with you, promote
you through an email campaign to their database and
do an entire social media campaign for you!

Each gift is worth $10,000 or more.

On top of that because of the way Stefanie teaches Joint
Venturing, each speaker has volunteered to say that their
intention is to create a LIFE LONG partnership with you.

Go below to learn more about this contest and the club:

GO HERE ->> http://promotingtips.com/JVClub

There are several cool videos on that
site too – you should check out.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Bacak

P.S. Stefanie Hartman has a great JV opportunity
for you go here to find out more details…

FIND JV’S here ->> http://promotingtips.com/JVClub

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