How to Dominate Your Niche – Part 2

Now I hope you have already set up a blog and submitted your articles to your new blog site, your website and to article sites. If you follow these steps first you’re off to a great start.

With those things completed I know you can get to the top with your keywords simply by doing the following:

Start a Squidoo Lense. Simply go to and basically take some of your articles and go and create a quick – what’s called a lens. Create some quick lenses. Make sure that whatever keywords that you want to dominate for… use those keywords inside your lens.

It’ll be really important when you’re creating your lens to also give it a name that is typically used in your website URL. So like, for example, mine is “make money on the internet” or something like that. So my squidoo lens read as “”. So whatever I named it actually became part of my squidoo lens URL. Basically, whatever keyword you want to it to appear for, make that be your URL. Basically create a couple of those lenses for those domains.

The next thing I want you to do is I want you to go to MySpace. I want you to create a MySpace account and set up another blog. Now, take that same article and post it there. The reason for that is because your MySpace account is going to start taking over in that position to help you dominate your niche.

Now if you are launching a book and you’ve told your list or even if you haven’t this is a good strategy to use… Let’s say you’ve got your pre-release. Have your publisher go to and see if you can get your pre-release book out there. Now, once you’ve been on Amazon (once you have joined AmazonConnect), then you can have a blog on Amazon! This is really cool because now you can create your own Amazon blog. Talk about credibility!

Then I want you to take your same article that you used in your previous blogs and article sites and I want you to post it on Amazon. This is going to get you to start taking over those search positions in your niche.

In any event, simply find places that are highly reputable and start putting your information on them so that you can pull yourself up and start dominating your niche! I’m sure if you follow part one and part two of my articles on dominating your niche, you’ll see how easy it is to quickly move to the top with just a bit of extra effort. It’s well worth it!

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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