Setting Up and Opt-in Box on Your Blog

If you are not familiar with what an opt-in box is, you should be. So, go over to and look on the right hand side just below the fold (which I think is a perfect place to position this) and you will see I have an opt-in box for people to sign up to […]

“7 Ways to Make Money from your Customer List”

7 ways to make money with your customer list include: 1. Sell sponsor advertising.Find new advertisers through competition ads in ezines and newsletters. Find out who advertises with your competition. Contact these advertisers and give them free advertising in your newsletter. Then in the future charge them because they will be satisfied with the initial […]

“Joint Ventures are powerful, but have you tried this…?”

Joint ventures are extremely helpful for an Internet business. Joint ventures enable you to cull your resources with one or more partners. They can be powerful, but are not always the best option. Why? It’s simple – You don’t have a 100% guarantee that what you agree on will be accomplished. So the question that […]