“How Schedulers can Book more Appointments

You have employed Schedulers. They set up the appointments for the phone consultations of the sales people. Everything is running smoothly, but you are not getting enough appointments booked each week. How can you motivate your Schedulers to increase the number of phone consultations they book each week? One option is to put on a […]

“How to Find a Scheduler”

You know that talking to your customers on the phone is a great way to up sell to them. The question is how to schedule appointments for this phone consultation. Should you have the sales person that will talk during the actual calls set up the appointments as well? The answer is no. Why not? […]

"Free Internet Marketing Help…"

I’m giving away 27 One-on-One coaching sessions with one of my hand-picked Internet Marketing Strategists — and I’d like to make sure you get one. Let me explain… I’m currently looking for *motivated people* who’d like to copy my system to make obscene profits each and every week. with automated websites that cost only pennies […]

"Are you ready for today?"

I’m sorry to be so brief, but I wanted to quickly remind you that registration for my “30 Days To $10K” program is going LIVE in less than 24 hours: http://drivingtraffic.com/go.php?13391/19 This is far and away the easiest method I know for creating your own 5-figure monthly business from scratch, so if you’re finally ready […]

"Powerful Promoting Tip #16"

http://www.powerfulpromoter.com/cgi-bin/arp3/arp3-t.pl?l=32&c=112934 In today’s busy world, whether your business is large or small, it is easy to become over whelmed with day-to-day tasks. Suddenly you realize that you need to update your web presence content or you need to have a processes and procedures manual on- hand in case of key personnel being out. It just […]

“8 Tips for the Million Dollar Blueprint Platform”

Have you written your million dollar blueprint platform? Are you sure it is the best it can be? Following is a list of 8 tips that you should know to ensure that you have written the best possible million dollar blueprint platform. If you already have incorporated these tips then hats off to you. If […]

“The Million Dollar Blueprint Platform – Part III”

So you’ve accomplished the first 9 steps of the million dollar blueprint platform. Guess what? You’re not finished yet. Read on to find the ins and outs of steps 10-12. Step #10: Prove there is an abundance of opportunity and profit potential. The one way to prove this is to say there are tons of […]