“Become an Expert and Maximize your Profit”

Did you know that you can become an expert by association? You can gain instant respect and confidence when you position yourself as an expert or associate with experts. Your business should emphasize your area of expertise or the expertise of the people with whom you associate. You can employ a model that makes massive […]

“Tax Codes that Save you Tons of Money!”

Here’s the situation. You have recognized that having a working knowledge of the tax codes can save you thousands of dollars in taxes. However, now you want specifics. What do you need to take advantage of these tax codes? What are examples of tax codes that you utilize right now? Read on to find out. […]

“Reduce your tax rate into the single digits!”

It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep. In addition, it is also about what you do with the money you do keep. This thought mentality is at the heart of building lasting wealth. Tip: Have the mindset that the more money you make the more money you can save […]

“Asset Protection Power Tools of the Rich”

Asset protection power tools of the rich are LLP and LLC structured businesses. These are the only two asset protection tools to use! Tip: An S-corp gives you almost no asset protection. Your S-corp can be taken over including your merchant accounts, stocks, etc. C-corps also don’t provide asset protection. Charging Order:A charging order prevents […]

“Don’t Let this Happen to your Business!”

What are the effects of not having a properly structured business? Your assets are at significant risk! Lawsuits can go after your property, your bank accounts, your business, etc. You and your business are extremely vulnerable. Your business could be foreclosed and your bank account drained dry. Never hold real estate or businesses in your […]

Promoting Tip # 2

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“Lawsuits – Does your business structure make you vulnerable?"

Slashing your taxes is one major obstacle your business will face. The other major obstacle is defending your business against lawsuits. Don’t think you will face a lawsuit? Think again. Lawsuits happen all the time. Obstacle #2: Lawsuits.The average person is slapped with 5-7 lawsuits in their life. In other words, 1 in 4 people […]

Buried 4 Generations Deep

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“Do you or your accountant know these tax codes? They can save you thousands of dollars in taxes.”

Building lasting wealth can elude you if you don’t have the right information. This information is not taught in college or law school. This information was learned the hard way by an attorney. He figured out that he didn’t make any money unless he was working. The moment he went home he stopped making money. […]