“Keep those Emails Coming!”

Send out emails constantly. You need to have constant traffic to your website. If you are not sending out emails then you are not maximizing your profits. If you want to make money then send out emails. Let me repeat – if you want to make money then send out emails!

Set up an email schedule. Send emails every week. Why? If you are emailing every single week then you know that you are making money on a consistent basis. Ask yourself each week about what you want to sell that week. It doesn’t matter how many people you have on your list. You may have heard of “ABC – Always be closing.” Instead think of “ABE – Always be emailing.” Don’t be afraid of emailing and promoting your products.

Of course you want to not just send sales type emails, but also emails that provide content. But don’t be afraid to promote and sell. If you want to make money then you have to promote and sell constantly!

A major advantage of sending emails on a consistent basis is that it gets your list used to you. You establish a relationship with them. Plus, the more emails you write the more practice you have. You can work out the kinks of your email copy right from the beginning.

Be aware that some subscribers may email you back wondering why they are on your list. People forget that they signed up for your list. People might call you bad names, but don’t worry about it. Just delete those emails and move on. You can’t be afraid to upset your list. If you are scared or upset easily then you need to get out of the email marketing game. Yes, it is a game and you have to be a tough, confident competitor.

Many top Internet gurus receive hate letters. It is part of the game. You have to not worry about receiving these letters and not taking them personally. You can’t please everyone all the time. Keep this in mind so you can stay strong when you are faced with people who have issue with your emails.

You know are doing things right when the world divides. You may have people unsubscribe from your list. But, guess what? Those people that unsubscribe probably weren’t going to buy your product anyway. Delete these people from your mind and move on. Focus on the subscribers that are positive and buy your products!

Tip: A little controversy in your email and marketing can go a long way if you do it correctly.

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Matt Bacak

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