“Track your Numbers to Maximize Profit!”

You need to analyze all the numbers in your Internet business. For example, using link tracking in AutoResponse Plus is a great thing to do. In AutoResponse Plus you get code under link tracking. You put this code in your email. Then when people click on this link in the email you can keep track of their action. It is a great way to track who responds to your email.

How do I interpret the link tracking numbers in AutoResponse Plus?
Let’s say you sent out an email with the link tracking code link at the bottom of the email.

The following situations can happen.
Situation #1: If you have a low amount of impressions. For example, you sent out 5,000 emails and only 20 impressions. This tells you that the tracking link didn’t work or that your subject line of your email was ineffective and terrible. Low impressions means that nobody opened up your email. The impressions are essentially your open rate.

Situation #2: Let’s say you sent out the email to 5,000 people and you had 3,500 impressions and 0 clicks. This means you have a higher open rate. The 0 clicks can mean that the software malfunctioned or that your email copy was awful. Basically, a lot of people opened the email and looked at, but didn’t like your copy.

Situation #3: Let’s say you sent out the email to 5,000 people and you had 3,500 impressions, 2,000 clicks, but 0 sales. The 0 sales meant that nobody bought your product from the sales page. The copy on your sales page must not have been effective. You had a significant number of people read the email and clicked on the link, but nobody bought.

Situation #4: Let’s say you sent out the email to 5,000 people and you had 3,500 impressions, 20 clicks, and 19 sales. This means that your sales letter is great because 19 out of the 20 people that clicked to your sales letter bought your product. You had a high conversion rate. However, since only 20 people saw your sales letter than you should work on your email body to get more people to your sales letter in the first place.

Tip: You have to track these numbers because you need to know if you have to fix your subject line, email body copy, or your sales page. If you don’t track these numbers then you will have no idea why you are not selling your product or service.

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Tip: Your numbers are your business. You need to know what your numbers are so you can focus on fixing the areas that are fledging. For example, you may need to fix your email subject line so that you get more impressions (or people that will actually open up your email).

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