“Lucrative PR Strategies for Internet businesses”

What PR strategy can you use now that will consistently earn you money? You can participate in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense places related advertisements on your website. You earn money every time somebody clicks on these advertisements. You can also max out the use of press releases. Sending press releases on a constant […]

“The Quick and Dirty Way to Book a Radio or Television Interview”

How to get booked on radio and TV:1. You have to create a 60 second pitch. This is also known as an elevator pitch. You have to be able to talk about your website and product all in 60 seconds. You need to practice this pitch. Producers are very busy so you have to get […]

“Famous or Wealthy: Which do you choose?”

Do you sell an informational product, such as a book online? Are you going to sell a book online in the future? Do you know how to market and promote this book on the Internet for free? These techniques work for any niche market. It is a system that you can apply and use over […]