“The Quick and Dirty Way to Book a Radio or Television Interview”

How to get booked on radio and TV:1. You have to create a 60 second pitch. This is also known as an elevator pitch. You have to be able to talk about your website and product all in 60 seconds. You need to practice this pitch. Producers are very busy so you have to get […]

“How to Book a Radio Interview”

If you want to be booked on a radio show then you have to provide entertaining, informative content. Think you don’t have the right content for a radio show? Think again. If you can answer “yes” to any of these then you can be a guest on a radio show.Can you save people time or […]

“Call the Radio Station to Book an Interview!”

Call the radio station and book an interview by following these tips: 1.) Call the producers, not the hosts.2.) Log all your phone calls. Keep track of who you called and when you called. Use a database program such as Excel to keep track of radio station information. List names, phone numbers, and a log […]