“Lucrative PR Strategies for Internet businesses”

What PR strategy can you use now that will consistently earn you money? You can participate in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense places related advertisements on your website. You earn money every time somebody clicks on these advertisements.

You can also max out the use of press releases. Sending press releases on a constant basis benefits you in so many ways. Press releases provide fresh content which search engines, such as Google, favor. These search engines will rank your website higher because of all the updated content.

It doesn’t matter what niche and industry you are in. There is always cutting edge, shocking, and new information coming out that would interest people in your niche. You can roll this information into your PR campaign to gain attention. You can also promote this same material offline.

Also seek out third party endorsements. Third party endorsements can skyrocket your success. For example, let’s say you wrote a book. If you get a celebrity or somebody to mention you and your book on a television show or in the newspaper then your popularity will soar. This will lead to a spike in sales.

The good news about third party endorsements is that they can spread quickly across the Internet. For example, people will Blog about you and/or discuss you in their forums. They will put information up about you on their website. All of these venues will have links that point directly back to you. This popularity will prompt your sales to increase dramatically. PR is that powerful.

Think about how you open up a brick and mortar store. When you open it up you advertise in as many locations and media as possible. For example, you put ads in the phone book, newspaper, television, billboards, etc. People tend to treat online businesses differently when they start them. For some reason they don’t think there are many areas to advertise their online business. This is a false belief. There are many more ways to advertise your online business in both the online and offline worlds.

If you really want to maximize the power of PR you could set up a website that consists of newsfeeds. For example, let’s say your niche is about guitars. You could set up a website that has news feeds about guitars. This would drive traffic to your website through updated content.

Another PR strategy is to have a question sheet that you can give to the media. The media, such as reporters and interviewers, don’t have the time to think of all the questions they can ask you. So provide them with a set of questions that they can ask you.

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