“Common Questions about Schedulers”

Let’s look at some common questions and situations that occur for Schedulers when they are booking phone consultation sessions. Learning about these situations can help improve the performance of your Schedulers and bring in more money for your business.

What do you do if somebody asks about another program? You let them know that the strategist is the one that will go over this stuff in the strategy session. You don’t go into details or pitch other programs or try to make the sale. Leave this all to the strategist. Your main goal is just to make the appointment.

What do you think are some of the biggest things that many schedulers are doing wrong?
1. The Scheduler is not direct. They don’t give exact times for appointments.
2. They are shy on the phone. Remember this is not a cold call.
3. They aren’t organized. You have to follow up and confirm with an email after you end the call. Make sure to give the appropriate time zones.
4. They are not personable. You have to be able to pick up the phone and talk to anybody.

How do we make sure that people do appear for the phone consultation session?
1. Confirm dates and times on the phone verbally as well as send them an email.
2. Keep appointments scheduled no more than 2-3 days in advance. If it is later, give them a call to remind them.

What happens if somebody says they can’t make the 2-3 time options you give them? Ask them a time that fits in their schedule. Should that opening be available then you schedule it and give it to them.

Tip: You may have to call them back in the future (in a couple weeks) to set up an appointment if they don’t know their schedule or want to put off the appointment.

What is the relationship between the Scheduler and the Sales Person?
You’ll find that most sales people can handle 5-6 appointments per day. They take 45-60 minutes for each appointment. Also give the sales person a little time to run over such as 5-30 minutes. This also gives them time to refresh.

Tip: If the customer thinks that you are going to sell to them at the end of the call and just wants to go to the end of the call then you should set up an appointment with the strategist as soon as possible.

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