The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 4

As a continuation of the A9 Process we use at you will begin to see huge turnaround for your business. But to stay on track let me continue to tell you what else we do in step 4 of the A9 Process. Now, once we have your article made into a press release, submit […]

The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 3

Step 3 in the A9 process is where we’re going to take your article – and repurpose the content. We’re actually going to rework your article into a press release. So, we just took that same article that you just created and we revamped it and made it into a press release. We have now […]

The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 2

So now, Step 2 in the A9 process is you’re going to take your articles and you’re going to submit them to article submission websites. Now, because this is a long and tedious process, here are a couple of cool things you can do.First of all, if you go to this website,, you can […]

The A9 Process of bringing more traffic to your website – Step 1

The A9 process is something that we developed to make it easier for you to start generating more traffic. The name itself stands for “article” multiplied nine times. You’ll see what I mean in a second. Content is what is going to drive you on the internet, so if you’re not putting content out on […]

Articles for Your Products – Are You Giving Away Too Much?

Alright… so you have created an e-book but want to promote your book by providing some valuable information to your reader but still don’t want to give away good information for free.So, the question I am commonly asked is: “How do I write an article without giving away too much information that I could later […]

Blog for Rankings

When you create a blog it’s a great way to express yourself and at the same time inform your audience what’s going on. But it’s also a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines. Let me explain. If you want to get to the top because you’re seeing your competition dominate you […]

How to Dominate Your Niche – Part 2

Now I hope you have already set up a blog and submitted your articles to your new blog site, your website and to article sites. If you follow these steps first you’re off to a great start. With those things completed I know you can get to the top with your keywords simply by doing […]

What You Need to Do to Systematize Your Business

When running an online business the only way to success is to have an organized system of steps that you follow in order to make your business run smoothly. There are many people who have successful online websites. But the reason they are successful is because their business is systematized. Granted there are those who […]

Grow Your List and Your Traffic with Article Submission

If you have a website online you know the necessity of providing useful content for your readers. But did you ever think that the content on your site could be made into articles and distributed all over the internet to bring you oodles of visitors – more than natural SEO? Well, it’s true. If you […]