“Call the Radio Station to Book an Interview!”

Call the radio station and book an interview by following these tips:

1.) Call the producers, not the hosts.
2.) Log all your phone calls. Keep track of who you called and when you called.
Use a database program such as Excel to keep track of radio station information. List names, phone numbers, and a log of the phone calls you made.
3.) Keep your pitch short.
4.) Get the producer on the phone. You will often be directed to voicemail of the producer. Leave your pitch and repeat your phone number twice. Wait two days for them to call you back. Two days later call back. This time when you get their voicemail hit “0”. Ask the operator if you can page them. 95% of the time the operator will page the producer.
5.) typical responses you will receive from producers:

1.) When are you available? They are asking for a time slot that you are available.
Tip: Pitch for the time slot of the morning drive shows from 7:30 – 8:30am because you’ll have the highest number of captive listeners.

2.) Can you send me something (email or press kit)?

3.) Not now, but try back later. Ask when you should call back.

4.) We’re not interested, but our sister station may like. Use this referral.

5.) We’re not interested.

Tip: Be aware that radio has huge turnover. Update your contact database at least every six months. So you can pitch the same show in a few months.

Tip: Avoid taped interview shows because you don’t have any control over when your interview is aired. They may not even air the show at all. Try to talk the producer out of a taped interview.

Tip: When you are booking an interview make sure you know the name of the hosts and the hotline number. You need to know the hotline number so you can call them if you are going to be late. The hotline number is different then the audience call in number.

You got the Interview. So how it should go?

You need to take charge and show up with an agenda. Have a bullet pointed list that you can go over. You want to give out as much information as possible. This prompts the listeners to trust you and know that you will give them even more information in the product that you are selling.

During your introduction, which is the first 60 seconds, you should establish two things. 1.) Why are you an authority? Talk about your credentials.
2.) Why should people listen to you? Give evidence as to why you are the expert on this topic. Give your back story. They prefer personal experience to people that have PhD’s.

During the meat of your interview let the radio show host ask you the first question. When you finish answering the question then go into another question/topic. Go into each topic so you can control the interview. Of course, answer questions from the host and listeners as they arise.

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