7 Tips To Build A Converting Opt-In Page

7 Tips To Build A Converting Opt-In Page

by Matt Bacak


If you’re an internet marketer in 2014, you’re using opt-in pages to get leads for your business. Building an opt-in page that converts doesn’t have to be hard. It’s actually incredibly simple. It just takes time and effort, which unfortunately is what stops a lot of people from seeing the results they want out of their opt-in page. To get you started so that you can build a converting opt-in page to capture leads and make more money, here’s a list of tips.

1. Simplicity is king. When creating your opt-in page, keep it as simple and concise as possible. The more bells and whistles you place on the page, the greater chance you have of scaring your potential lead away either by confusing or irritating them.

2. Have a killer headline. The more time you spend constructing the perfect headline, the better your conversions will be. Remember the number one rule and stick to something simple while at the same time clearly explaining exactly what your opt-in page is all about. Now is not the time for flowery language and long-winded sentences. Make your point and be done with it.

3. Include an unmistakable call to action. To get the most conversions, your call to action should be stated plainly and describe unmistakably what you want the prospective lead to do. For instance, “Enter your name and email below to get instant access to… ” whatever you’re offering in exchange for their information.

4. Offer value. This is something so important and often overlooked by those just starting out in internet marketing. Don’t think just because you’re giving away a free report that people will automatically want it. It has to be valuable to them. If I walk past someone giving away free cat food but I don’t have a cat, do you think I’m going to take it anyway? Of course not. Not only should the information you offer be valuable but it should be easy to implement. This is worth mentioning because even if you are giving away incredibly priceless information, it means nothing if it’s not easy to do because most people are lazy. It’s a sad but true fact.

5. Don’t overdo the form fields. At most, you should have a field for their name and their email address. That’s all that’s needed.

6. Change the standard “submit” button to be a secondary call to action. Instead of placing a “submit” button, the button should indicate what the prospect is gaining from giving you their information. So, if we are using the example mentioned before, I might say something like, “Get Instant Access Now” or something similar. Make sure you’re enticing them with a call to action that plays to what they’re getting in return.

7. Split test like crazy. I’ve said it before and will say it again. You never know what you may be missing out on unless you’re split testing. It’s the best, most effective way to get the highest converting page possible.

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