15 Tips for Creating A Blog

15 Tips for Creating A Blog

By Matt Bacak

Blogging is a great avenue for making money online if you know how. It’s simple and quick to set up a blog but there are a couple of things you should know before you get started. Below are some tips for creating a blog that will generate revenue for you.

1. Pick a topic you enjoy and know a lot about. Blogging should be fun and it should also be easy. In what area do you have an expertise? Use your expertise to your advantage to create a niche for you and valuable content for your readers.

2. Create unique content. There are millions of blogs out there and several of them will be about the topic you’ve decided to write about on your blog. Make sure your content is unique so people will want to visit your blog specifically instead of the thousands of others available.

3. Keep it simple when choosing the layout and visual appearance of your blog. The most important thing on your blog is the articles you’ve written. Readers don’t come to your site to look at fancy layouts, they come to gobble up the information you’ve provided. Yes, you want to make your blog visibly appealing but you don’t want the background or anything else to overwhelm them. Make sure your font is easily readable and give them lots of white space in between your paragraphs so their eyes can rest. Reading your blog should be an enjoyable experience.

4. Be consistent. Write every day to maximize your exposure and to keep yourself relevant. The more blog posts readers have a chance to look at, the more reason they have to stay on your site.

5. Engage with your readers by responding to their comments. Also, have a contact page where they can contact you if they have questions. You can always use their questions as possible blog posts.

6. Use your own pictures and videos. This maximizes your exposure on the web. When you use your own videos, for instance, you can link your blog on the video site you chose to upload it. Then you can also link to your video site on your blog. Another great thing about using your own media content is that people may use your picture or videos on their blog and link back to you, giving you free exposure.

7. Stuck for new content? Consider using guest bloggers. Guest bloggers are great for building up your network. They can also help bring more people to your site.

8. Guest blog other places to get your name out there and more traffic to your blog.

9. Don’t forget to use social media to promote your blog.

10. Use keywords to make your blog easy to find.

11. Submit your blog to directories.

12. Only advertise products that are relevant to your content. Ask yourself, is the product you’re considering advertising really something that your readers would be interested in?

13. Build an email list from your readers. Have a specific spot dedicated to an opt-in form where people can add in their email address to find out up to date information about your blog and products you endorse.

14. Be in it for them. People will know if you’re just trying to make money. You want to offer good content first and foremost.

15. Be patient. It will take time to build up traffic and followers. Don’t give up!

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