7 Ways to Make Money on You Tube

Wed, Nov 16, 2011


7 Ways to Make Money on You Tube

By: Matt Bacak

One of the ways a person can make some extra cash is by using YouTube. This website allows users to create channels and put up their videos. In some cases, you have to be accepted into the revenue sharing program before you can start making money on you tube. This article will go into how to make money on you tube. They include:

1. Video reviews of affiliate products

With this option, you sign up for a business’s affiliate program. This allows you to sell their products for a predetermined commission. To make money on you tube using this method, you just make a video review of the product and urge the people watching to visit the site where they can buy from. This link can either be edited into the video itself or put in the description.

2. Sell advertising slots in the videos

With this option of making money on you tube; advertisers include related ads in your video. The most common are slots at the beginning and end of the video. These ads should be relatively short and related to the ad. Revenue from this option largely depends on the video content and popularity.

3. Revenue sharing

This is one of the most common ways a person can make money on you tube. You have to open an AdSense account and have related ads placed at the bottom of your videos. This option will only be available to you once YouTube sends you an email asking you to sign up. You will then be sharing the revenue from the ads on your videos. You do not have to be a YouTube partner to have this option, only good videos with a few hundred visitors.

4. YouTube partner program

This will only be available to you once you have a very consistently updated channel with thousands of subscribers. With this method of making money on you tube; you get an email requesting you to sign up for the partner program. This will then allow you to sell your brand to your subscribers in a way that will increase the click through rates on ads. This can be things like free giveaways, customized thumbnails etc. With this option, everything on your video and channel has to be unique.

5. Selling ad space in the description

This is how to make money on you tube using this method: You first create a channel and post unique content. With time, your channel gets popular and advertisers opt to advertise on your channel. You allow them to put a link on your description for a given amount of time. The link has to be related to the video content and the channel has to be very popular.

6. Market your business

With this option of making money on you tube; you create video content related to your online or offline business. This is best done with product placement. The products your company sells should feature prominently in the video. Towards the end of the video, you can inform readers where to buy the featured products. It is usually very effective because of its non-intrusive nature.

7. Sell the channel

You make money on you tube using this method by selling the channel to a business or an individual. The channel has to be popular and specialized.

There are many other ways of making money on you tube. Just like any other venture, it requires a lot of patience and hard work.

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