…Early announcement

I’m sending an early announcement to let you know how you’re going to profit from my email tomorrow. Patric Chan, an internet marketer who has spoken in over 10 countries as an authority of internet marketing will be releasing over 9 HOURS of secrets, tactics and strategies. Some might even find his powerful tactics unethical […]

Creating interest in an upcoming membership site

If you want to start a paid membership site, but you think it is going to take a while for you to develop content and launch the site and you want to start creating awareness in the marketplace, I have a solution. The best thing to do is to throw up a squeeze page, drive […]

…peek inside the homes of legends?

A crazy guy named Dave Woodward has been flying around the country with a video crew to interview top Internet marketers in their homes. You get a private tour of their amazing homes and one-on-one video interviews. He calls the video series – Legendary Marketers That’s not why Dave’s crazy. He even flew to Atlanta […]


Hope you’re having a great weekend! Just in case you missed this yesterday, I wanted to make sure you got the chance to send it out… Because everyone is talking about this video! http://whacktherecession.com/hotnews/?name1=Matt&name2=Mattt&id=mbacak7 If you can’t get it to work, just copy and paste the link into your browser window. It’s really starting to […]

Killer custom video featuring YOU……

Someone caught you red-handed on video and it’s spreading like a virus all over the internet. I can’t believe it. Your names all over it. It stars *YOU* and Uncle Sal in da biggest job of internet history! Check it out: http://whacktherecession.com/hotnews/? Matt Bacak P.S. To my knowledge, nobody has done a custom video this […]