I want to thank everyone who has already registered for tomorrow night’s telecall with Joe Lavery and myself. We’ll be discussing: “How to Make Massive Monthly Income w/ Continuity and Membership Programs” The response has been truly overwhelming and I wanted to send you this final reminder so you don’t miss out. Here’s the link […]

How to reduce your keywords down to 16 to 18 cents per bid

If you’ve ever been in a niche where your Google Adwords keywords campaigns were pricey, here is a great way to reduce the amount you spend on your bids. Does 16 to 18 cents sound good to you? Well, there are multiple ways to do this. The biggest thing you need to do is testing […]

Saturday’s Free Telecall is Almost Full…(Better Hurry) If you’ve worked hard, building your web site. Then you probably know without quality traffic your web site will not be successful. Point blank Period! That’s why Tomorrow at NOON EST, I’m bringing a special guest to my telecall, Mike McCoy, who I call my traffic Magician. Within a short period of time, […]

Online and Offline Promotion

Many of my listeners have noticed the way I promote different products and events and have questioned why I choose more offline promotion for one thing and more online promotion for another. Well, the truth is, I like to incorporate traditional methods such as direct marketing via regular mail as well as the more modern […]