Creating interest in an upcoming membership site

If you want to start a paid membership site, but you think it is going to take a while for you to develop content and launch the site and you want to start creating awareness in the marketplace, I have a solution.

The best thing to do is to throw up a squeeze page, drive them to that page, start announcing to them or let them know, “Hey, look, I’m starting a brand new membership site for this certain group of professionals. Go here right now to be on the pre-release list.” Do you see what I said? Be on that pre-release list. Why? Because you’re going to start building that rapport before it’s launched to let them all know, as well as have them co-develop it for you.

Ask them what their expectations may be for such a group as well as asking them if they have any insights or ideas for particular topics or issues they would like to discuss on the site. Say something like, “I’m building this membership site right now and I’m looking for answers from you. Email me back with the things that you’d like to know, that you’d like me to develop, the content you’d like to be developed.” Let them co-create it for you. That’s why you have that pre-release list. You want to allow them to co-create it. And they’d be happy to do it as they’d feel they played a part in its creation.

It’s a win-win when you allow your visitors to co-create it with you. They’re going to be more likely to buy because they were a part of it. So, this aspect is very good. You could also send them free tips in the interim if you would like and you may want to start a blog or you could just put the free tips in the blog itself and put the information up there, maybe your updates on the upcoming site etc. This is a really good way to do establish a loyal membership.

However, there are a couple of different membership site software I would recommend. This is based upon what I know people are using. It isn’t based upon things that I’m using because I don’t really have a “membership software” that I’m using. The membership software that you could use is AMember, a lot of people highly recommend AMember. I’ve also heard pretty good things about AWeber.

A lot of my friends recommend AWeber because they use it and only have great things to say. Another option is VTribes. I’ve heard VTribes has a lot of capabilities. The last one is Xoops, which is totally free! I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how good it is. You might need to be a little more technically savvy to use it, but it’s one to consider as well. I heard there are a lot of cool modules for you to use. So those are some great options for you if you’re considering starting your own membership site. You really can’t go wrong with any of these.

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