RE: 20 beta testers wanted…

For over 1 year now, Sean Clark’s team has been developing an advanced, custom-built money-making system. And it’s FINALLY here… This virtual eCommerce Store, complete with 100+ features & tools, will enable you to earn $13,000 p/mo – on AUTOPILOT!! A bold statement?…yes! Video Proof?…of course! Check out a live video of how he made […]

World Internet Summit *FREE* tickets…(Almost Gone)

My FREE Tickets are ALMOST GONE. As soon as these last few Free tickets I’m holding are gone…The available tickets will be temporarily discounted to $297, then… …sold at the full price of $997. So Hurry up these tickets are still FREE! For now anyway. – Dates: Aug. 20th-23th – Location: Atlanta, Georgia – […]

Bad News…

If it’s Midnight PACIFIC or later then don’t worry about reading this because you really missed out. If it’s before Midnight (PST) then… (That’s 3:00 EST) ================= The Good News: ================= That means you have TWO HOURS to grab the ListPros $1997 Course for *free*! Don’t wait – get it now while it’s fresh in […]


Shawn and Tellman gave out all their *free* DVD’s last night, but after getting POUNDED with angry emails from people who didn’t get theirs yet… ==> they made a decision you’ll be happy to hear: ANYONE who orders a *free* ListPros DVD before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT… Will get in on the freebie… ==> After […]

…Sneak Attack

Make sure you read every word. Right about now, Shawn Casey and Tellman are finishing up their MEGA Teleseminar… …you might be able to catch the tailend of it because I know Shawn was talking about taking some questions ==> *But, first, some important Facts… FACT: At 12:53 pm today, I got an email […]

URGENT: limited space..

Just a quick note to let you know that space is filling up FAST for the big telecall… Tonight, in a one-time only teleseminar, Shawn Casey & Tellman Knudson are going to pull out all the stops and reveal: ***How to pull in $743.38 on a BAD day… ***How to push a button and make […]

“The Power of Text Links”

Links drive direct traffic to your website. Links directly increase your website’s rankings. Link building is the art of attracting links that you want. Anybody can engage in link building. Links come from anywhere that you want them to come from. Links can come from…• Blog posts• Press releases• Text links• Links from websites related […]