“The Power of Text Links”

Links drive direct traffic to your website. Links directly increase your website’s rankings. Link building is the art of attracting links that you want. Anybody can engage in link building. Links come from anywhere that you want them to come from.
Links can come from…
• Blog posts
• Press releases
• Text links
• Links from websites related to your website

Tip: Your inbound link profile is extremely important. You need to understand what your link profile should look like. You need to build a “natural” inbound link profile. It used to be about the quantity of links. However, the search engines have recently added filters that discount unnatural links.

A natural profile link includes your domain name and a variety of links that directly relate to your website. These links vary in nature. For example, don’t have the same link over and over. Have synonyms of the link instead. This is more natural and shows that you didn’t just go for quantity.

Tip: Permanent links equal equity. Equity is built based upon links that you have over time. So websites that have had links for several years have more power than newer links from newer websites. The key is to not ever stop obtaining inbound links.

Tip: Links that are in the text copy carry more weight than links that are simply on the page.

Tip: Obtain theme related links. Obtain links from websites that relate to yours.

Tip: Build links that you can control. Otherwise, you might incur an over optimization penalty.

Tip: Set up your own Blog. Put the Blog under your domain name. Write interesting posts so people will link to your Blog. Comment on other Blogs. These will build deep links. Deep links point to other pages on your website besides your homepage.

Tip: It’s more important to have a higher percentage of deep links.

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