Shawn and Tellman gave out
all their *free* DVD’s last
night, but after getting
POUNDED with angry emails
from people who didn’t get
theirs yet…

==> http://mattbacakreviews.com/midnight

they made a decision you’ll
be happy to hear:

ANYONE who orders a *free*
ListPros DVD before MIDNIGHT

Will get in on the freebie…

==> http://mattbacakreviews.com/midnight

After that, the DVD’s are GONE.
As in, finito, finished, filled up…

You have until midnight

But don’t wait that long…

Remember what happened to
cinderellas carriage at midnight?

It turned into a pumpkin…

==> http://mattbacakreviews.com/midnight

I got mine in time…

Make sure you can say the same.

— Matt Bacak

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