“The two minute online website pitch”

All ideas are important, but if they are not implemented then they are meaningless. When you attend seminars and learn more about Internet businesses you have to participate. Your co-attendees are idea generators and teammates that you can utilize. Most people don’t take advantage of this face to face networking to the fullest extent. These are prime opportunities to create a million dollar idea with another peer.

Speaking of million dollars ideas, check out this one…

Million Dollar Idea: “The Two Minute Online Website Pitch”.
Are you trying to meet a celebrity or famous so you can interview them? It is difficult to track them down, unless you are the paparazzi. Even if you do track them down it is extremely difficult to grab even two minutes of their time. The good news is that you can use the Internet to your advantage.

How can you use the Internet to catch the attention of these celebrities? Set up a website that called “Ask(their name)”. For example, “askbillclinton.com”. Have a two minute audio on the website that asks the celebrity for help. Explain that you want to do a tele-fundraiser with them. This allows the celebrity to visit your webpage and view your pitch on their time. Your pitch should be clean, brief, and of high audio quality.

How can you build off of this two minute online website pitch idea? You can create a viral audio postcard. The viral audio postcard can contain the two minute pitch. You can send this viral audio postcard all over the internet. You can use the postcard to keep track of who raised the most funds. A great way to accomplish this would be through a viral postcard affiliate program. You could build a huge, valuable list that is of value to both you and the celebrity.

Tip: You can utilize the viral audio postcard in any niche. For example, if you are a singer and want your song to spread throughout the Internet then a viral audio postcard works well. You can send your song for people to preview and get exposure.

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