“Avoid event marketing sales at all costs!”

When people come to your website they are looking for something. These people are seeking, searching, and looking for somebody to lead them. They didn’t come to your website by accident. They came to your website because they were drawn to you through your marketing story.

You want to create a group of people that buy your products and services over and over again. This type of customer purchases products from you more than once. These types of sales are much easier to achieve because you already have a buying customer. Build a relationship with this customer and you will earn more sales then you thought possible.

However, most people end up doing event marketing sales. This means that they sell one product to a customer and that is all. They don’t market to the customer in the future to sell more products. Basically, they let their list die and don’t use it to their advantage. Avoid this type of selling. It takes more work and you earn less money.

Instead you should focus on creating a cult following. This is not a religious cult. It is an ethical cult following of people that are truly interested in you, your business, and your product. These people will stick by your side. They will even market your services for you through word of mouth.

We are persuaded on a daily basis. We are persuaded by the media through the news, commercials, etc. We are persuaded by our friends. For example, a friend will persuade you to see a certain movie or buy a certain brand of jeans. Persuasion is doing nothing more than leading people to their own most logical conclusion which you happen to share with them.

The lesson is to build a relationship with your list so you have a cult following that buys products from you over and over. You will earn the most money this way and have happy customers at the same time.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak


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