“Pack your Affiliate Programs with Promotional Tools”

You have to use a hook to grab people so they will sign up for your list. They have to know what is in it for them. You can convey your hook more effectively through audio and video. Set up an audio and/or video that demonstrates your marketing message and what people will receive when they sign up for your list.

Some people will put in fake addresses on your opt-in list, but this is normal. Just ignore those fake email addresses. Focus on the legitimate people that do want to be on your list. This is targeted traffic that desires to know more about you and your products.

When a person signs up for your opt-in list you have a captive audience. This is the best time to ask them to refer friends. Not everybody will refer friends, but your list will grow even if only a few use the tell-a-friend script. It will always be better than if you didn’t use the tell-a-friend script at all.

Use the butterfly marketing concept of running an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are an excellent way to make small changes to your marketing campaign that has a huge effect on your promotion and bottom line. Read on to find out tips and tricks for affiliate programs.

When you set up an affiliate program it has to be simple. If you don’t then people won’t do what they are expected to do. If you think that people will promote your website after you give them an affiliate link then you are sadly mistaken. Instead, you need to provide them with promotional tools that automatically have their affiliate link embedded in the promotional tools. You should provide them the copy and promotional tools they need to promote your website. Make it simple for them. The affiliate will be much more likely to promote your website and products if they are armed with your information.

Provide multi-promotion tools for affiliates to use which include: email copy of several offers and email communication, Blog reviews, ezine ads, articles, press releases, banner images they can use, pay-per-click campaign, form signatures, email signatures, and the list goes on and on. Make sure to tell them how to use each specific promotional tool.

Create an affiliate program that has instructions in steps. People want a complete program to follow. They want to go through each step until they are finished. You don’t want them to pick and choose which promotional tools to use. Instead, you want them to use all your promotional tools so that you can maximize their affiliate efforts.

If you don’t take the time to create this material for your affiliates then they won’t take the time to create them either. If you want affiliates to spread the word about you and your products then you have to give them a promotional package about you and your products. This will create active affiliates and earn your more money.

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