Do You Know The Right “F” Word for Success?

One of the biggest things to stand between most people and success is fear. Fear can be defined in many ways. There is only one “F” word which you should consider if you want to be successful. That word is…This article will show you what FEAR should stand for in your thinking.

Once you have begun to think positively and use decisive language, you will need to learn how to move from thoughts and language to action. When you begin to take action there are two important “F” words. The first word, FEAR, can stop you from reaching your goals, stop you from super-sizing your lifestyle.

You may have heard this before – probably from Brian Tracy. You hear many speakers saying it…

They say that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.



Well, I thought about that and they are right. But here’s my spin on it, it’s not only False Evidence Appearing Real, but it’s also, False EDUCATION Appearing Real.



Some people are educated the wrong way. That is why I want to share this information with you. If you live in FEAR, you will never get the results that you want.

The other “F” word is FAITH. You’ve gotta have faith. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in you husband. Have faith in your wife. Have faith in your kids. Have faith in your business. Have faith in your idea. You will see results! Have faith in other people, too. Not having faith in other people is a huge problem that many of us have. You have to have faith. Your Faith moves you forward through action and leads you to the result that you desire.

Let me ask you a question. Do you know your personal cost of not developing the Internet Millionaire Mindset? Do you know the actual hard cost? I’ll tell you one of the costs for me, was looking in the eyes of my child and my wife at Christmas and knowing that I couldn’t give them what I wanted to give them. I couldn’t give them what they wanted or needed.

The thing that changed my life, and I do not often share this story. I grew up in a small town outside of Youngstown, Ohio, a hard working steel town called Cortland. We didn’t have much money. My parents gave me a budget. My parents told me, “If you want to buy expensive shoes, and the cool clothes that the other kids are wearing. You have to earn the money for yourself. You have to go out there and make it happen.” I said, “Okay, I will.” I went out and got a couple of paper routes.

One of the last stops on my paper route was an assisted living community (or as I called it then, an old folks’ home). I would sit around and talk to them. The old people would say, “Boy, if I was your age” and “I wish I would’ve done this” or “I could’ve done this and I should’ve done that.”
They were telling me all the things and they wished they had accomplished in their lives.

I remember many of them saying to me “If I had the money I would have invested in stocks, or I would have started business because I could have made a lot of money.”

I remember one day, I was on my way home from my paper routes. Instead of passing by the waterfall at the old mill, I rode my bike down to the water with my paper-bag on my shoulder. I threw it on my bike; I ran underneath the waterfall and made a promise to myself: “I will never end up like those people – full of regret. I do not want to end up like that. I don’t want to ever say, ‘I wish I had done this, or I wish I could’ve done that.’”

I want to live life without regrets. I want to emphasize that to you. Think about all of the things you could have done, you should have done, and you would have done, but you did not. It was fear that stopped you from doing those things. I want to challenge you to start moving in faith, because absolute miracles will happen for you.

Warmest regards,

Matt Bacak

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