“Help! What should my press release be about?”

You know that sending out press releases for your Internet business website is a great idea. The press releases will increase your ranking in Google. Potential customers will be able to find you and your website more easily as your website is ranked at the top of Google. They will click on your link and buy your products. Your sales will be through the roof!

Wait a minute. Take a step back. How do you write a press release in the first place? You know the main components of a press release, but what topics should you write about? Don’t think you have anything worth putting into a press release? Not sure? Read on to help you get started on your first press release right now.

Following is a list of possible topics for press releases:
1. Events and promotions regarding your products and services.
2. Speakers at your events.
3. Your Blog content.
4. Your article content.

Now you have ideas and you have written your press release. Where do you send your press release? What websites do you visit?

Following is a list of possible places to send press releases
1. Craig’s List
2. Hoobly.com
3. Expo live
4. MSN
5. Yahoo

Tip: You can upload the press release on your website. You can submit the lead paragraph of the press release on your classified ad. In the classified ad you can have visitors click on your website link to read more. This drives traffic to your website and creates a link which search engines love.

Tip: Put all your keywords in your press release because it reads every word as a keyword.

Tip: At the bottom of your press releases and classified ads you need to put in all your important keyword information. Why? Many times people will not take the time to read the entire press release. They will instead scan to the bottom of the press release for important information and contact information.

Tip: You have to create your own credibility: You can use the Internet to create your own credibility.

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