“Unleash the Power of Blogs”

New media marketing such as Blogs should be an integral part of your Internet marketing plan. Internet technology changes rapidly and you need to keep pace with new advancements in technology. Old media including radio, television, and print are not going to go away, but you shouldn’t focus on this old media alone. You should be the dominator of your niche with a Blog, podcasting, and audio and video Blogs.

A Blog was originally just text and pictures. However, now they encompass text, images, audio, and video. The best blogging program to use is WordPress.

Blogs allow you to instantly communicate through text, pictures, audio, and video. You can Blog in any niche possible. Blogging doesn’t require a webmaster. Blogs enable you to create worldwide relationships. You can share your information instantly. Blogging enables you to be found more easily by the search engines. Search engines love it when you update your content. You can update your Blog as often as you like therefore increasing your visibility in the search engines.

Blogs and webpages are the same technology. However, for a Blog you don’t need a webmaster and you don’t have to know web design. Blog comes from the word Weblog otherwise known as an online journal.

People can instantly receive your Blog updates by RSS feeds. When you update your Blog your RSS subscribers will be informed. Blog software is free. However, transmitting audio and video will only cost you pennies on the dollar.

Why are newsreaders, aggregators, and iTunes important?
RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication”. It enables software like newsreaders to download your content (text, images, audio, and video) every time you update it. It is an automated notification system. Aggregators and iTunes are the equivalent to a radio and TV on the Internet. These programs enable people to listen and watch your podcasts and video Blogs.

Every search engine, such as Google, has a newsreader which makes it simple for people to access your Blog and podcasts. They access it through these websites. This is much better then sending items through email. Why? Because email is stopped by spam filters more and more these days. This gives you power to put your content in people’s hands quickly.

Internet Explorer 7 has a one click subscription to Blog. This is a recent development. People can subscribe to a Blog feed easily with one click. This feature is great news for your Blog. This feature enables you to build a following of people that like you and your Blog.

ITunes has one click subscriptions as well. People can find your Blog in iTunes. They can then subscribe to your Blog. You can’t get into iTunes unless you have a podcast and a Blog. ITunes is free.

ITunes allows you to use audio and video. iPods are popular. People can download your podcasts and Blogs to their iPods to watch and listen to when they want.

Even Tivo on your TV can subscribe to your Blog feed!

Essentially, you have the same reach as old media, but for just pennies on the dollar.

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