Sending some twitter love…

Here’s a URL to a call I did with my mom
and everyone loved it. Since I’m at her house,
I thought I’d send it to you…

I went and found it yesterday because
a friend on twitter reminded me of it!

Here is what my friend @ZnaTrainer said:

“@ZnaTrainer @mattbacak @blairwarren My
favorite “call” Matt~featuring your Mom~how
she raised you to be successful~your wife
spoke too~you do it now too”

So – Here is URL to the MP3 recording:


I sent this out yesterday to my
followers on twitter, I do things
like that all the time. It’s called
sending some twitter love :-)

If your not on Twitter join
the party because I’m very social
on it. (Along with many friends,
clients and colleagues.)

Here’s my twitter address:

Just follow me and I’ll follow
you back as quick as I can because
I want to get to know you better.

You Rock,

Matt Bacak


Here’s some pictures of Christmas
at my house yesterday, Enjoy:

Pics –


Follow me on twitter here and I’ll follow
you back->

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