My initial thought’s from last nights webinar.

UPDATED: July 24th @ 4:03PM EST: I’ve added some more notes

(These are rough notes written on my iphone)

My initial thoughts are: why try to figure out a niche to get into. Use
the software and get into alot of niches then find the one that is
making me the most money and decide if I want to get into it.

I did personally buy the software as I stated on the call because I’m very
interested in using it to create coke machines. Meaning… I place blogs on
the internet just like I’d place coke machines at physical locations.

Some will make me more money then others but together they will build an empire.

My wife and I have been looking for a model we both liked and
understood becasue she wants to have something of her own.

Now that she’s a stay at home mom. ( We worked side
by side for years – really since the beginning)

So we wanted to find something for her that requires little
work, easy to use, requires no or little customer support,
kinda a set it and forget it kinda thing, plus something she
can do – get started – get in money then outsource it out.

Plus, that will make money month-after-month.

You might be wondering do we really need more money? The
answer is no. But, she want’s her own thing – since business has
been all about me since we got married, and she wants to have
a business to put more money away for our retirement :-)

This seems like what we have been looking for.

It doesn’t require to be emotionally involved. Just pick
a niche you feel will work, create a blog around it. If it
works build more in that niche and make even more.

This is perfect for a non- personality business but haven’t wrapped
my head around how to use it in a personality driven business yet.

I’ll figure that out – just need to think more about it.

(if anyone has thoughts about how to do that please post that in the comments)

I spoke with my wife about building sites out side of the personality
driven businesses we are in now. My argument is if we build 1000 sites
that make 10-100 a month it would be a nice residual income stream.

I’m still working on this and will update when more things come to mind.

BTW: I never knew that converting from different languages and
then back to English is so easy. To me that was priceless.

Here’s my receipt.

If you want to watch the recording of this webinar, go to this blog post:
Last Night’s Webinar RECORDING :-)

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