Trick or Treat :-)

How about a little fun, Halloween style?

I’ve got a KILLER costume this year, and no I’m not dressing up as Tellman.

Leave your guess in the comments, and the first person to guess correctly will win $100, my treat!

(I’ll FedEx it to ya!)

I’ll even match the $100 and give it to the charity that Tellman’s running for.

So what are you waiting for? Get guessing!

(ONLY guesses in the comments on this post will be counted!)

UPDATED 5:22 PM EST: Hint: My wife made the costume!

UPDATED: 6:43 PM EST: Hint: Don’t forget I have kids!

UPDATED: 8:27PM EST: We have a winner! Congrats, Kristen McGill! She guessed it. Fred Flintstone. I am going as Fred & the whole family is dressing up as the Flinstone Family :-) I got the idea when we thought about driving our kids around the neighborhood trick or treating on the Kubota ATV :-)

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