How To Prepare For The Mass Money Maker Spill Over

What about the newcomer’s who want to promote the Mass Money Makers launch?

Mass Money Makers is being released on Dec. 28th, at 11:00 am EST.

We didn’t forget about you…and the reason we’ve waited to mention you until now is because we had to set the stage to where it pays off for you.

You see, on every massive launch, there’s what’s called a “spillover”…and this simply means that the big boys will take care of creating a riot, and of course…that riot will spill over to the search engines, the forums, Facebook, Twitter and every other site you can think of.

And this is where you come in…this is your time to shine, you should tap into the spill over to cash in and cash in big…and hopefully take down some of the big boys to claim your spot as one of the Top 10 on the Launch Leader Board.

So get to it…here’s what others are doing:

Just do what they do, and you’ll be sure to win.  Click here to sign up to promote.

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