ANNOUNCING…The long waited iPad Winner!

We have a WINNER! and a few more. Just watch and see :-)

Update as of 3:38pm EST: NEVER MIND: Video is coming soon… been giving me hell!!!
Update as of 3:39pm EST: added the winners below for everyone to see :-)
Update as of 4:44pm EST: I finally got it – after changing video formats and uploading twice.
Update as of 4:59pm EST:
Ok. maybe one day – I’ll have the video up. Grrrrrrr.
Update as of 6:11pm EST:
I think I have a new fix for the video – one last shot.

But, list of prize winners are below…

In order to be eligible to win, you were required to be on the webinar the whole time.

We added more un-announced prizes.

4th prize added: The physical version of the first event I ever
did on internet marketing. It’s a mini home study course called:
The Ultimate Lifestyle Workshop
with Mike Litman and me.

Winner of the 4th prize: Pat Galvin

3rd prize added: Is my NEVER BEEN RELEASED to
the public new DVD called,  List Building Like a Pro.

Winner of the 3rd prize: Kelly Cole

2nd prize added: It’s one of my brand new offers coming out,
I’m combining 3 brand new DVD’s together and making it a DVD
package which includes: List Building like a Pro, How to get people
crawling over broken glass to do joint ventures with you, and How
I became a super affiliate.

Plus, Article Marketing Cash – CD.

Winner of the 2nd prize: Gary McGeown

and of course…. The MAIN Winner gets the iPad!

The iPad Winner is…

Cherma Wilton from Saint Lucia.

My office made contact with Cherma then I congratulated her via facebook.

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