Tips on How to Properly Structure Branding a Website

Tips on How to Properly Structure Branding a Website

Tips on How to Properly Structure Branding a Website
By Matt Bacak

Having your own branded website can be a good idea if you plan to establish a business where you have multiple products under one umbrella. It’s a great way to direct your visitors to your other offerings and to let them know what you stand for and to understand how all of your products fit together in order to assist them with their concerns.

Featuring your products and services on one site that has information about your business, your offerings and most importantly has a squeeze page, is essential for finding like-minded individuals interested in your products. If you have these types of things on your website, it definitely sounds like you have a branding website. Although good, your next step needs to be to segregate your products onto separate websites so that you can focus specifically on marketing each of those products individually, and building a list for people only interested in that product or service. This will allow you to strategically focus on your specific customer and their particular needs.

If you are going to come out with a DVD set, you’ll want to think about the name of the DVD set and then buy a domain name from a site and specifically set up for offering that DVD combo. As you know this is just an example, but that’s the domain where you’d be selling your complete DVD set! This type of set up allows your visitors to stay focused an concentrate on the purchase.

So, really the one thing to really take into consideration is having individual websites set up for every product or service that you offer. This will allow you to carefully target and segregate your lists by having separate opt-in page websites for each product. I would recommend keeping your branding website and using it to back up your existing products and your services. You could also use your branding website to have your own blog as well. By making your branding site the central focal point or umbrella of who you are and what you offer, it will allow your prospects and customers to learn more about you, while helping you grab more sales because your prospects and customers will see other related products and be more ready to buy from you simply because they have already established a relationship with you. Branding sites are great for this. It almost becomes your home where you welcome your customers and visitors. It’s a place for them to relax and understand everything you stand for and everything that you are.

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