The Best Tips to Properly Upsell

The Best Tips to Properly Upsell

The Best Tips to Properly Upsell
By Matt Bacak

If you want to offer something for free to your prospects and visitors, you need to strategically lay out a proper plan of action in order to get the most out of your visitors. You need to remember that you want to make money and the quickest way to do it is to build a solid foundation. That foundation has to do with relationships.

If you build a relationship with your visitors, you’ll not only gain respect but you’ll also gain credibility. However, relationships are not the only thing that’s important for those visiting your website. People want pertinent information that they can use. If you give them good, solid information that’s not readily available anywhere else and make that information easily digestible, you’ll have a huge following in no time. Free offers are always an excellent way to build your list quickly.

So, what do you need to do to properly market your product and upsell to your prospects? Well, a good strategy is offering them a free audio right at the beginning. Have them squeeze in to your website by entering their name and email address and then have them gain access to the free audio. And then after that, then they’re going to immediately go to your upsell page to get your CDs. CD’s and audios are excellent marketing tools since they not only allow you to get more personal with your list, but you can also make their lives easier with audio. By them not having to read pages and pages of content, your prospects will love you for it. Giving them the option to quickly listen to an mp3 message as they do other things makes them maintain their productivity to do other important tasks while they listen, but not only thing, it also allows them to get to know and respect you.

Another thing you need to remember also is if you’re going to make other offers to your list through your squeeze page, I suggest you create affiliate links so that people can be driven straight to your sales letter with your offer. However, definitely do try the free audio and CD offer as that works wonders. It’s amazing how much a personal touch can do to gain you a more loyal following.

Make sure that your free audio clearly reinstates who you are and why they should listen to you. Really establish yourself as an expert. Of course, give them a few techniques and strategies. But basically inside that audio, planting a seed for them to go and get that CD is the surest way to make a ton of money fairly quickly.

Upselling to the free CD offer and other offers is the key. Upsell, upsell and upsell some more. Don’t be salesy though. Simply give them useful information that you can later upsell with more solid content, that’s going to get your business moving much quicker.

Take action and you’ll soon see how quickly your sales will occur! Now get going!

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