How to Master the Art of Selling

How to Master the Art of Selling

 by Matt Bacak


There are several different ways to be an Internet marketer but the most profitable way is by creating your own products and selling them through affiliates. Leveraging affiliates is the smartest thing you can do to promote your product and sell it in volumes because you are using affiliates as an inexpensive sales force. Their motivation to sell is like most sales jobs- they get paid when and only when they make a sale.

Many Internet marketers out there make the mistake of thinking that the only motivation an affiliate has to sell is to make money. While making money is a strong and valid motivator, there are other motivators that are often overlooked. When coming up with your strategies to inspire and encourage affiliates to promotion, it’s vital to consider other motivations they may have.

Affiliates promote for countless reasons but I would venture that they revolve around the same concepts: money; personal achievement; power and respect. Money is a simple motivator to understand. Power and respect are easy concepts to understand as well but harder to implement into your affiliate marketing strategy.

For some, it’s all about high-end achievement. Numerous marketers, myself included, are driven by an internal desire to achieve. We are not content to sit on the sidelines while others pass us by. As opportunities arise, our interest is peaked. We want to reach the top of the mountain and proclaim, “I did it!” I’ll admit that this and the other motivators are tied largely into our egos. Who likes to admit that we make decision based upon boosting our ego? No one. But we do.

Power/respect is another reason affiliates promote. This, of course, is also tied into bolstering our sense of self worth, our ego. Another way to look at power and respect is to call it market status. Receiving trophies, awards and topping the leaderboards motivates various marketers. Imagine a time in your life when you received an award or trophy. How did that feel for you? Your heart swelled with pride and you couldn’t stop smiling, right? Now imagine that feeling as an underdog who beat out one of the top name marketers in their field. Not only do they feel a sense of pride but also their achievements have earned them respect from fellow affiliates. Find a way to encourage affiliates by recognizing them for their efforts, whether it’s through prizes, trophies or awards. Everyone likes to be recognized.

Lastly, as you’re contemplating how to stimulate participation from affiliates, consider this, especially if you’re interested in a big launch. Your focus to attract affiliates should also include creating a sense of community. Part of selling your product is inspiring others to be a part of a bigger picture. You must play to people’s motivations for action and also play to their emotions, their desire to be a part of something greater than themselves. At the end of the day, we all have a longing to be a part of a community. So keep this in mind when starting the launch of your product. The fact is when you take into consideration the whys of affiliate promotion, you will be better equipped to make great things happen for your product.

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